GhostKit Block Problems Solved


I was just logging into the website to start the long and arduous task of reformatting all the Fooocus style example posts. A task which, as it turns out, I thankfully postponed till now. Upon logging I had a reply to a message that I had posted about when a new update was out for Ghostkit, I had deactivated and deleted it so wasn’t getting the usual updates.

To my surprise a new update was there and boasting the message Tested with your version of WordPress. Hmm! I will be the judge of that I thought. So after a not so quick backup (Yup. Once bitten, twice shy – always more careful on this front now.) I downloaded and reactivated the very useful but problematic Ghostkit block.

Hallelujah! Flushed the cache and it worked straight out the box. What a relief. There are a few hundred images in the posts that were not displaying properly, and as mentioned I had been putting the dreaded reformat task at the bottom of the list for the last few weeks.

Lesson Learned

My biggest take away and lesson learned from this debacle is that I am better off not relying too heavily on plugins. If the standard WordPress blocks can be used instead – then use them instead. I have seen before that the official WordPress blocks get tested to a higher standard and if any problems slip through the cracks then they get fixed a lot quicker as there are more people working on the problem.

Anyway, everything seems to be displaying as it should now. So with update over I am going to get back to work on my new – to be unveiled soon – project (which a couple of you are aware of already.)

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