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Tensor Art Exclusives You May Have Missed


Are you ready to explore new artistic horizons? I am thrilled to announce the release of my latest five models on, a platform where art meets technology. As a new member of, you are welcomed with 100 credits, replenished daily, to experiment with these models and more.

Explore Our Latest Offerings:

? Blade Runner XL LoRA: Immerse yourself in the futuristic noir of Blade Runner with this unique LoRA, transforming your visuals into cinematic masterpieces.

? AnthroMerge 2 XL: Unleash your imagination with this model, perfect for creating stunning anthropomorphic artworks with a simple prompt.

? Renegade XL: Looking for cinematic flair? Renegade XL, with its CivitAI exclusive Progenitor XL base, brings your prompts to life with a touch of movie magic.

? PastelPunk XL: Experiment with ink-punk and pastel tones to create artworks that stand out with their pleasing illustrative style and soothing pastel colours.

? Stoked UnReality XL: Step into the realm of the abstract and unconventional with Stoked UnReality XL, a model that breaks the norms and injects creativity into every piece.

Why Use These Models?

These assets are not just artistic tools; they are gateways to new realms of creativity. Each model offers something unique, from cinematic scenes to fantastical anthropomorphic characters. Whether you are an artist, a creative enthusiast, or just someone who loves to experiment, these models are designed to inspire and captivate.

Get Started Today

Your journey into the world of AI-assisted art creation is just a few clicks away. Head over to, use your credits, and let these models transform your artistic vision into reality. Share your creations with the community and be a part of the evolving world of digital art.

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