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Ever find yourself in a creative rut, repeatedly reaching for the same trusty Sampler in your go-to Stable Diffusion platform? Then you’re not alone. I often catch myself defaulting to ‘DPM++ 2M SDE Karras‘ on ‘Automatic1111‘, but it’s time to step out of our comfort zones. Now let’s rediscover the diverse image quality offered by the array of other samplers available.


I set up my digital canvas in ‘Google CoLaboratory’ with ‘ComfyUI’ as my trusty sidekick. My mission? To put various samplers under the microscope and see what artistic wizardry they bring to the table. The catch? I kept all settings constant, except for one game-changing variable – the sampler itself. Why? To shine the spotlight solely on how each sampler leaves its unique fingerprint on our visual creations.


Prompt: "cinematic RAW photo | a woman standing in the rain, upper body pose, | city background with lights reflecting from wet ground, neon lights at night, "
NegPrompt: "text, watermark"
Steps: 30
CFG: 8
Seed: 755005204300197
Width: 768
Height: 1152
Denoise: 1.00
Scheduler: normal

Comparison Images

Euler – Euler a – Heun – HeunPP2 – LMS – DPM 2 – DPM 2 a

DDPM – DPM Fast – DPM a – LCM – DPM++ 2M – DPM++ 2M SDE – DPM++ 2M SDE GPU

DPM++ SDE – DPM++ SDE GPU – DPM++ 3M SDE – DPM++ 3M SDE GPU – DDIM – Uni PC – Uni PC BH2


What a ride through the diverse landscape of Stable Diffusion samplers! Some samplers turned out to be like long-lost twins, crafting images so similar you’d swear they were separated at birth. Meanwhile, other samplers were the mavericks, taking us down wildly different visual paths with the same settings. This exploration is a big nod to the exciting world of digital art experimentation. It’s a vivid reminder that while some tools might lead us to familiar territories, others can catapult us into uncharted realms of creativity. The key takeaway? Don’t be afraid to mix it up and see where different paths take you – the results might just surprise you!

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