Problems: Now Solved


Hey there, awesome people of the internet! You might have noticed that decided to go on a spontaneous digital vacation recently. Yep, our site pulled a Houdini on us for a few days, and some of our posts went into stealth mode. Here’s the scoop: I was playing mad scientist with DNS settings (because who can resist a tech experiment, right?), and things got… well, a bit tangled. Picture me, juggling three different name servers like a circus performer, only to have them all crash-land. It was like trying to untie a Gordian knot in the digital world. The solution? Hit the big red reset button and start anew!

Lessons Learned

Every cloud has a silver techie lining, and boy, did I find mine. Embracing the “oops-oh-well” philosophy, here are some nuggets of wisdom I picked up:

  • Backups are lifesavers: Learned that cloud and local backups aren’t always on speaking terms. Then I stumbled upon Backuply, a savior offering free GDrive backups that’s as easy as pie.
  • Email gymnastics: Found the secret sauce to keep emails from playing hide-and-seek in your spam folder. Now they’ll parade straight into your inbox!
  • The golden rule revisited: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A timeless classic I re-encountered the fun way. Sometimes, the best tech adventure is the one you don’t take.

And the most surprising lesson? You folks actually love visiting my little cyber nook! That’s right, isn’t just floating in cyberspace; it’s a place you actually visit, and this pleases me. This hiccup turned into a wake-up call to treat this website like the resource it will become. Reliability is the new name of the game!

Damage Report and the Road Ahead

So, what’s the fallout from my digital escapade? A month’s worth of content decided to take an impromptu holiday, including the fan-favourite Fooocus Style Guide. But, every mishap is an opportunity in disguise, right? I’ve got some new tricks up my sleeve for showcasing images and prompts that I have been working on which I hope you will like.

A little favour to ask: if you’ve ever signed up for our newsletter, do me a solid and hit that subscribe button again as emails were something that were not backed up. I’ve got some nifty perks brewing for our logged-in users, like exclusive content and special treats. Hang tight, and a massive thank you for hanging in there with me during this curious tech rollercoaster!

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